Buy Side M&A - Supporting You from Start to Finish

At Wilcox Investment Bankers, we help many clients sell their business, but we also advise those wanting to buy a business. Our buy side M&A experience has given us the inherent knowledge and critical insights that come from sitting on both sides of the table; insights which serve to guide your business toward smart acquisitions and successful outcomes.
We act as your outsourced business development and acquisition team. We understand that sometimes you need an able and helping hand to run a thorough buy-side process. We save you the time and money involved with hiring a full-time business development team.

Buying a business is a complex undertaking, From uncovering unique targets that closely meet your key acquisition criteria to closing the deal, we facilitate your purchase process from start to finish. We help you:

  • Find willing sellers and screen potential targets
  • Evaluate the strategic benefits and understand the risks involved with buying a specific business
  • Negotiate advantageous deal terms, transaction structure and valuation
  • Assist in raising capital to support the acquisition
  • Coordinate financial and operating due diligence
  • Aid you in maintaining good relations with the seller, and
  • Help overcome any sticking points that arise along the way to a successful closing

Executing a Business Acquisition

The Wilcox Investment Bankers process for executing an acquisition extends from the development of corporate strategy to the ultimate closing of a transaction. We analyze markets and recommend acquisition strategies most likely to maximize your shareholder value. We help you obtain additional capital if needed to finance your purchase. We undertake a comprehensive search to identify and contact acquisition candidates based on your strategic, operational and financial criteria, and we evaluate interested candidates to determine which opportunities should command your highest priority.

Once you express interest in a given target, we perform a thorough analysis of the business, its competitive position and future prospects, and we determine the value of the target – both to its current owner, and to you (making assumptions for certain synergies that you may realize in the acquisition). From drafting of the letter of intent to the closing, Wilcox Investment Bankers acts as your quarterback, moving the process forward to a successful closing.

Acquisition Strategy and Buy-Side Business Search

If you want a big picture viewpoint before venturing into the acquisitions market, Wilcox Investment Bankers can provide valuable counsel. We identify and carefully analyze your potential acquisition options. We review strategic alternatives, size markets and business opportunities, and determine what type of business would add the most to your shareholder value. We determine the value and availability of potential acquisitions. With our unique combination of financial and operating experience, we are skilled at helping you develop viable acquisition strategies to assure you pay the right price for the right target company.

Financing the Acquisition

When you need additional capital to fund a business acquisition, Wilcox Investment Bankers helps you connect with and choose among the many sources of capital. We help you understand key capital market factors including current conditions in the debt and equity markets, the tradeoffs involved with debt or equity financing, and the appropriate valuation for the business you are acquiring. We access our extensive network of commercial banks, mezzanine lenders, high net worth investors, family offices, Business Development Companies and private equity funds to connect you with appropriate capital sources, and we guide you through the entire funding process.

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