Wilcox Investment Bankers – Top Middle Market Investment Bank in Dallas 

Having the right investment banker on your side is critical if you’re looking to pursue a merger or acquisition, sell your business, or raise capital in the Dallas area.  

Pursuing a corporate transaction is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. That is why it’s so important to make sure you’ve got the best people in your corner. Wilcox Investment Bankers will guide you through the entire transaction process and ensure you receive the best outcome possible.

Investment Banking Services

Wilcox Investment Bankers can help you sell your business, pursue a merger or acquisition, raise capital, or navigate a bankruptcy. As one of the top middle-market investment banking firms in Dallas, Wilcox Investment Bankers has the experience and track record to help you achieve your business’ financial goals.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Wilcox Investment Bankers will help you navigate the complexities of a company sale or merger and acquisition transaction from start to finish, including handling any potential legal or financial hurdles that may arise. Our sales and marketing approach will maximize your company’s value and add millions of dollars to the final sale price. 

Our skilled investment bankers have extensive transactional experience in middle-market mergers and acquisitions. The team will provide an accurate business valuation and conduct a comprehensive due diligence investigation.  We will deploy a targeted marketing approach to reach the most qualified buyers and negotiate the highest price and best deal terms possible.

Raising Capital and Recapitalization

Business owners find themselves in need of additional capital for a variety of reasons. Wilcox Investment Bankers has deep experience successfully managing capital raises and recapitalizations between $10 million and $100 million. We draw on our extensive relationships to access a diverse set of capital providers. Our experts will develop a strategy that appeals to multiple investors.  This will give you a choice between the best possible terms for your funding.

Acquisition Advisory and Financing

If you are seeking to acquire a business and need assistance obtaining funds for the purchase, Wilcox Investment Bankers can guide you through the process. Wilcox bankers will connect you with the best potential sources of capital by tapping into its extensive network. Additionally, we provide accurate and thorough business valuation, can advise on the business  purchase and help you obtain the best deal terms. 

Expert Testimony

For litigated matters, Wilcox Investment Bankers can serve as an expert witness to give testimony and help you win your case. Having an expert experienced in business valuation, transaction review, litigation consultation, and critiquing and rebutting opposing experts can make a critical difference to our case.

Financial Restructuring

Our financial restructuring and distressed merger and acquisition advisory services can help your business preserve value during difficult times. Wilcox Investment Bankers takes a comprehensive approach to identify potential opportunities.  We have the ability to rapidly implement creative solutions to address strategic challenges during the restructuring process.

Hire a Top Quality Investment Bank to Work for You

With so much at stake for your business, having subpar investment bankers is a costly mistake you can’t afford. It pays to have support from the best investment bank in Dallas. You can depend on Wilcox Investment Bankers to be there to support whatever financial service needs your business has.

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