Raising Capital to Fit Your Strategy

We assist clients in raising private capital from institutional sources. Uses of capital include funding new growth opportunities, recapitalizing a business, a leveraged or management buyout and for strategic acquisitions.

Based on your circumstances and objectives, supported by rigorous financial analysis, we help determine the appropriate type and size of capital raise. With a myriad of sources available, we help you identify and target the most suitable investors. We aggressively market the opportunity, clearly communicate the story, negotiate favorable terms and guide execution through closing.

Typical transaction size is at least $10 million and types of capital raised include:

  • Common and Preferred Stock
  • Senior Debt
  • Subordinated and Mezzanine Debt
  • Convertibles and Hybrids


Growth Capital

Wilcox Investment Bankers has relationships with hundreds of investors and lenders looking to invest $10 million to large investment funds looking to write $50 million checks. We believe the right capital partner for your business should bring more to the table than money.  Therefore, we work to find the right partner by matching size, opportunity, industry focus, culture and “chemistry.”

We assist you in determining the appropriate capital size, type and structure. We work to create interest among multiple investors in order to provide you with options and the best possible pricing, timing, and deal terms. Our goal is to raise the right capital for your business so that you can execute on the opportunity at hand.

Corporate Recapitalization

Every successful company reaches the point where its capital structure needs to change. Whether outgrowing the current lender or equity investors, evolving differences in shareholders’ risk preferences, retirement, or succession planning, the time comes to consider new capital options.

Wilcox Investment Bankers has relationships with hundreds of capital sources specifically targeted for corporate recapitalizations. We have experience executing corporate recapitalizations ranging from $10 million to over $100 million for companies in a variety of circumstances.

Leveraged/Management Buyout

If you are an owner, a leveraged buyout can mean personal liquidity and the opportunity to see a business continue to thrive on its own terms.

If you are management, a buyout can mean the opportunity to own the business you have been operating for years.

Wilcox Investment Bankers works with business owners and management teams in a variety of contexts. We negotiate and finance leveraged transactions in a way which incentivizes management while capturing full value for the business. We maintain close relationships with hundreds of providers of private capital. On behalf of clients, we provide third-party credibility to capital sources.  We have a successful track record of experience in advising executives and owners.

Acquisition Finance

When you want to acquire a business and need capital to fund the purchase, Wilcox Investment Bankers helps you connect with and choose among the many sources of capital. We help you understand key capital market factors including current conditions in the debt and equity markets. We analyze the tradeoffs involved with debt or equity financing and the appropriate valuation for the business you are acquiring. We access our extensive network of private capital providers to connect you with appropriate sources. We guide you through the entire funding process.