Providing Financial Expertise & Credibility

As a leading boutique investment bank specializing in the industrial and energy sectors, we provide financial and transactional expertise and credibility to parties needing financial consulting services related to shareholder disputes and expert testimony.

We are good at evaluating, distilling and communicating complex financial analysis and industry jargon into relevant and understandable terms. Having been involved in support of both defendants and plaintiffs in cases at the federal and state levels, our work is relied upon by legal counsel and the courts.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes arise for a multitude of reasons, and are often complex, nuanced and highly sensitive. Reaching agreement between the parties regarding valuation and other financial issues can be particularly challenging. Further, allegations of fraud or breach of fiduciary duty are often raised, which require an enhanced analysis of the business and the actions of employees and shareholders. When faced with such controversies, it is critical to have an advisor who has deep industry knowledge, is independent and objective, well-versed in technical matters and credible.

Wilcox Investment Bankers applies its in-depth industry knowledge and business valuation, financial, transaction and capital markets experience to offer a superior level of consulting and expert testimony in all aspects of shareholder disputes. We help determine value for shareholder interests in both public and private company shareholder disputes. Our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise are particularly apparent when rebutting or assisting in cross-examining another expert’s analysis.

Expert Testimony

It can be a challenge to identify and select expert witnesses when preparing for a trial. Providing expert witness testimony is a critical step toward winning a case. However, not just any expert witness will do. It is important to employ an expert that is not only competent, qualified and knowledgeable in his or her field; it is also important that this person is able to communicate effectively and has both credibility and composure in depositions and on the witness stand.

Mr. Jason Wilcox has served as an expert before various state and federal courts in Texas and Oklahoma. Wilcox Investment Bankers has the experience to serve as a consulting expert or expert witness providing:

  • Business valuation services
  • Financial and transaction review
  • Industry and capital markets assessment
  • Critique and rebuttal of opposing experts
  • Litigation strategy consultation
  • Economic loss and damage models
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