Maximizing Your Business Value

Applying our extensive transaction experience, deep industry knowledge and broad network of relationships, Wilcox Investment Bankers provides high quality merger, acquisition and divestiture advisory services to our middle market clients in the industrial and energy sectors.

Our specialty is sell-side M&A representation; clients are generally owners of companies with $10 - $250 million in revenue who desire to explore an exit or liquidity event, such as a company sale, divestiture or recapitalization.

Our approach ensures you achieve the highest price, multiple strategic options and the best deal terms possible. We customize each engagement according to your financial situation, goals and capital market possibilities. We advantageously position your business and orchestrate an aggressive and systematic approach that creates competition among interested and credible buyers. Underlying our methods are adherence to extensive industry research, in-depth due diligence, rigorous financial analysis and active transaction management while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.

Learning From Every Experience

Below is an example of our approach and how we generate excellent results for clients. We marketed this company to a number of qualified parties, including strategic and private equity buyers, to create competition for our client’s business. We received the following range of bids. Note the differential between the high and low bids – quite significant.

Before we commenced marketing the business, our client was convinced that Buyer G would be the winner and pay the most. Ultimately, however, our client elected to close the deal with Buyer B at a 10% higher valuation than the initial bid, and higher than Buyer A’s final bid. The result: millions of additional deals proceed to our client.

Bid Range

As an owner, what if you had NOT created competition for your business and NOT fully tested the market? Or what if instead you had engaged in a direct, one-on-one negotiation with Buyer B or C or…? Regardless, you would not have determined the maximum value the market was willing to offer and most likely would have forfeited substantial value that otherwise would have been yours. And you would never know it. Further, without the leverage of having multiple bids, it would have been difficult to negotiate the best terms.

The example above is typical. Our approach and experience in managing the business sale process from A to Z not only ensures the best outcome for you, but it also enables management to focus on running the business while we focus on the transaction.