Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

Wilcox Investment Banking

M&A Advisory for Industrial Supply, Manufacturing & Energy Services Companies

Combining our extensive transaction experience, deep industry knowledge and broad network of relationships, we provide high quality merger & acquisition advisory services to clients in the industrial and energy sectors.

Underlying our method are adherence to extensive industry research, in-depth due diligence, rigorous financial analysis and active transaction management while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality.

We advantageously position our clients and orchestrate an aggressive and systematic approach that creates competition among interested third parties. Our approach ensures we achieve the highest price, multiple strategic options and the best terms for clients.

Our clients are generally private business owners of companies with $20 - $250 million in revenue who desire to explore a liquidity event, such as a company sale, divestiture or a recapitalization.Expert Testimony
& Litigation Consulting
As a leading boutique investment bank specializing in the energy and industrial sector, we provide expertise and credibility to parties needing litigation consulting and expert testimony.  

We are good at evaluating, distilling and communicating complex financial analysis and industry jargon into relevant and understandable terms.

Having been involved in support of both defendants and plaintiffs in cases at the federal and state levels, our work is relied upon by legal counsel and the courts.

Most of our work focuses on shareholder disputes, corporate valuation, financial and industry review, capital markets assessment and critique of opposing experts.Private Capital Raising
of Debt & Equity
We assist clients in raising private capital from institutional sources to fund growth opportunities and strategic acquisitions.

Based on client circumstances and objectives supported by rigorous financial analysis, we help determine the appropriate type and size of capital raise.

With a myriad of sources available, we help clients identify and target the most suitable investors, aggressively market the opportunity, clearly communicate the story, negotiate favorable terms and guide execution through closing.

Typical transaction size is at least $20 million and types of capital raised include:
- Common and Preferred stock
- Senior debt
- Subordinated and Mezzanine debt