Expert Testimony / Shareholder Dispute / Business Valuation

Wilcox Investment Bankers provided expert testimony, business valuation and litigation support in a shareholder dispute involvding T.D. Williamson.

T.D. Williamson, Inc. (“TDW”) is a global manufacturing and services company providing products and services for the repair and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines. The Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of engineered systems for tapping, plugging, pigging, and inspecting piping and pipeline systems. The principal markets for the Company's products and services include the transmission pipeline, gas distribution system, hydrocarbon processing facilities, industrial piping, petroleum processing, and other liquid handling system markets. The Company maintains 54 operating locations worldwide.

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‍The Challenge

The three shareholders entered into a shareholder dispute, which also included litigation directed toward members of the Board of Directors. The plaintiff made a claim that would have required a material redistribution of voting power (control) along with a large financial payment related to damages. Plaintiff and plaintiff’s counsel hired a valuation expert to provide a report supporting the claim.

The Solution

Defendants’ counsel engaged Wilcox Investment Bankers to act as consulting expert and to provide a comprehensive report estimating Fair Market Value related to certain equity ownership consistent with the approach established for shareholder disputes, primarily Delaware and Oklahoma state corporate law and

valuation procedures.  We also provided a detailed critique and rebuttal report in response to the plaintiff’s expert report and provided related deposition and testimony.