Wilcox I-Bankers Middle-Market M&A Monitor

Wilcox Investment Bankers' Recent U.S. Middle-Market M&A Monitor (3rd Quarter 2022)

Wilcox Investment Bankers is pleased to share our U.S. Middle-Market M&A Monitor (3rd Quarter 2022). The report offers information on middle-market M&A activity and valuation trends, debt metrics and macroeconomic indicators affecting transactions (deals < $250 million).

U.S. Middle-Market M&A Activity Slows During Q3 2022

In aggregate, middle-market M&A activity during Q3 2022 slowed as buyers became more cautious. However, buyers are still paying premiums for high-quality companies that demonstrate growing end markets, strong and durable profit margins, good management teams and customer diversification.  Lesser quality companies are having a harder time transacting and/or receiving lower valuations in the current market environment.