Middle Market mergers and acquisitions for commercial & industrial clients

M&A Activity is Strong; Valuations are Rich

Wilcox Investment Bankers is pleased to share our Middle-Market Merger & Acquisition Snapshot for June 2021. The report offers data, metrics and trends regarding M&A activity and valuations for middle-market deals (<$500 million) in the U.S.

Macro-Factors Support M&A

The overall backdrop for M&As is very supportive (economic factors, debt and equity markets, strategic and private equity acquisitiveness).

  • The number of U.S. middle-market deals YTD through May 2021 increased 21.9% vs. the same period last year.
  • Valuation multiples for the last 12 months through May (including the period of lower valuations post-COVID), are now HIGHER than any year since 2010 (other than 2019).

Commercial & Industrial Sectors Experiencing Increased M&A Activity

M&As among the commercial and industrial sectors that Wilcox Investment Bankers follows are all experiencing significant increases in activity.